How to Make Your Own Dental Molds

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Dental molds helps us to give a bright and beautiful smile. But, we know that not all can afford with this. And to add some help to those people who can afford and gives them lesser expences. Here are the steps to make your own dental molds for your bright teeth.This kind of molds can brought through online, with this it will give you the opportunity to choose and save some of your money.


Get the 2 molds, the 1 orange and 1 white out of the bag and place them in your hand. Be sure to use gloves to prevent perspiration, dirt and dust to come in contact with the putties.


Mix the two putties together, and use more white than orange to keep the dough softer and longer kind of like clay dough. Mix it until you will have a uniform mixture.


Next step will be placing the mold into the mouth piece and make sure it’s even inside the mouth piece. Dont make the tray to over flow. If its only 6 teeth you are going to do, place only appropriate amount in the tray that suit for 6 teeth only.


Next open your mouth as big as you can to put the mouth piece inside it. Make sure your teeth are right in the middle of the mouthpiece without being too close to the walls of the tray, and push straight up for the upper grill or straight down for the BOTTOM GRILLS. Bite all the way into the mold. Hold the mouth piece in your mouth for 3-4 minutes. Make sure the mix covers your teeth and that your lips don’t get in the way try to hold your lips because it is a good idea too.


After 5 minutes, you can now tilt your mouth piece to the side and pull it down GENTLY.

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